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A Woman’s Journey of (finally)
Healing to Wholeness

What if you could put an end to fatigue, pain, and dis-ease, so you never had to live without energy, clarity, peace and purpose again.

Would that be a journey worth taking? 

When a woman decides to tend to her Sacred Health, she no longer fears every ache, pain, symptom, or diagnosis. She learns how to manage her energy, release what’s stuck, and access her blueprint of health deep in every cell, available in every human being.

Ready to finally feel better, the natural way?

There is potent medicine inside every particle of your being. And you must awaken and activate it. You will learn how to do just that. This is your personal medicine. 

Your personal medicine makes clear which high level health choices to make for yourself. Accessing this could not be more important in our current times. 

As a woman in the second half of life, tell me if this sounds like you....

  • Are you tired of doing all the ‘right’ things, but still coming up short of energy, carrying extra weight, dealing with pain or inflammation, or struggling with a health issue?
  • Do you think, “I want to “love” my body and self, but it sure seems harder and harder to do that, but I don’t want to give up either. Since it feels like I’ve tried everything, I’m not sure what else to do?!?!”
  • Do you wish there was a way to be free of emotional pain that keeps taking you down a rabbit hole?
  • As a spirit-centered woman, do you worry and wonder why your health isn’t better? What gives, isn’t that what spirituality is good for, a better body-mind-spirit balance?

I’d like to give you an overview of the Sacred Health Academy.

This is what you will have access to for as long (or as short) as you choose...

  • Weekly Lessons: 3 lessons + 1 integration/implementation week per month
  • Live Tea Time Lesson Q&A Calls: 3x/month
  • Live or Recorded Implementation/Integration
  • Workshops
  • Private community forum of like-hearted women on the journey and the path to wholeness
  • Mind Medicine Vault
  • Resource Library
  • Guest Expert Interviews
  • Member Highlight Interviews
  • Regular Inspiration
  • Surprise Bonuses and Extras

I know, I know, when you parce it all out, you have it better than many others on the planet, so you feel a little guilty for even talking about it.

But it also doesn’t add up, you’re a good person, try to do good in the world, eat as good as you can (allowing for some soul food here and there, aka chocolate :), exercise regularly (mostly), you read up on current health trends, so what gives?  

Why isn’t all that adding up to feeling good in your body, happier days, more peace in your heart, less pain, less weight, less googling about this or that ‘new’ thing that’s popped up, less doctor visits, less fear about how it will be in the future?  

Why can’t you just feel freaking good. Every day. Heck, I bet you’d even settle for most days.

I hear you. I get it.  What if there was a way to stop your spinning mind, settle your thoughts, access your Spirit more deeply, drop into the intelligence in your cells, and little-by-little make changes that add up to BIG results.

What kind of results you ask? 


How’s this for starters…

Waking up after a good night’s sleep, feeling very little pain and stiffness, tapping into gratitude for an inspiring day ahead. Eating foods that give you energy, moving in ways that bring joy, accessing heartful, authentic expression, being in community in such a way that you feel heard, held, and accepted.

Mostly, cultivating and living from an aligned center, a peaceful core of trust and knowing that becomes the pole to your tetherball.  Always there, always swinging back to center. Even as you continue to blossom your soul, uplevel your health, tend your family, do your work in the world, your cultivated Higher Self (which is Divine Love) is not only growing daily but bringing your humanity and your divinity closer and closer.

For the record the entire fabric of the Universe is Love. You and I are an extension of this Love. When you get the call to awaken this potent energy in you, you’ve gotta answer the call.

A lot of women think they have answered the call, but there’s more than one call. When you’re ready for a new level, another call comes. If your health is not where you know it could be, that’s a call. Please answer. 

Your Sacred Health journey is both your question and your answer.

I’ve watched women, myself included, tend to this journey and heal and transform all aspects of her life. For sure her health, but also her relationships, spirituality deepens, her chosen contributions become clearer and more effective, emotions come into healthy balance, her mind abdicates to her heart for a divine balance of co-creative experience (after years of head driven authoritarianism that leaves a human being in self imposed exile).   

It’s why I founded and created the Sacred Health Academy...

So a good-hearted, spirit-centered woman who struggles with low energy, pain, health concerns, and an overbearing mind, can free herself and to enjoy good energy, clarity, peace, expression, and purpose for the rest of her life. 

I believe, maybe you do too, that as each woman liberates herself, we could say she unhooks herself from the matrix, the world tips in favor of more peace, more collaboration, more healing, better systems and structures, basically the world many of us ache for, and know is ours for the creating.

That world can only happen as each heart and soul makes the decision to heal, transform, and become free to be a part of the solution.  

The longer we stay locked in old structure, patterns, systems, and paradigms, the longer it’ll take to shift the world happenings. There’s no better time than now to begin.

We’ve got to begin with health, from that strength of being, we have the capacity and energy to contribute in whatever way feels right. It’s not the same for all, but every heart knows her part.

Each woman must drop into her heart and make a decision that, “Yes! I will do this, I will say yes to my Sacred Health, make the necessary adjustments, activate a higher level of energy, connection, clarity, and purpose and choose to go about my days in a greater state of health. From there I hear and feel divine guidance in me and all around me.” 

A day lived like that is a good day.  Day after day, it adds up to a life that matters.

Hi, I’m Laurie Morse

I'm the founder of the Sacred Health Academy and a 30 year practitioner of Chinese Medicine.


Hi, I’m Laurie Morse, a 30 year practitioner of Chinese Medicine and founder of the Sacred Health Academy. I’ve been teaching, treating, and guiding women from pain and suffering to healing to wholeness, by supporting her to go from scared to Sacred (same letters, different order) in the cultivation of Sacred Health. We call it a journey. I’ve learned there are core elements to a foundation of wholeness and this journey is broken up into specific stages that focus on each foundational brick of health. Building the muscle to access your Sacred Health is an empowering tool to have for the rest of your life.

My heart’s desire with the Sacred Health Academy is to show you how easy it is to make simple changes that add up to big results.  The ultimate of these results is a true connection to the wholeness that awaits your attention in every cell of your being releasing a potent personal medicine that guides you to heal and make higher level health choices.

  • Laurie Morse

    “This was so unexpected, for some reason I feel more confident, that wasn’t on my mind, but I sure love the feeling!”

  • Laurie Morse

    “I had no idea I was so tight and wound up until after a few days I realized how much better I felt. This is something I can do all the time and I'm so excited about that! ”

  • The Peace Principle $17.00

    “I feel so good in my body as I practice this. Thank you for making this easy!”

Here’s how you’ll learn to unlock, activate and cultivate your Sacred Health

We journey through 6 stages or elements

(based on the elements Fire, Earth, Air, Water, Wood).

Stage 0 – CENTER ~ Aware 

Code of Principles w/Fear-Love List
Two Worlds and I AM Presence
Your Sacred WHY
Bonus: Gratitude as a Gateway


Stage 1 – FIRE ~ Decide

Core Values, Virtues, Qualities
Rewrite Health Story
Daily Divine Connections
Bonus: Quantum Qi Audio, Faith

Stage 2 – EARTH ~ Organize

Kitchen Makeover
Daily Healthy Choices Checklist
10 Day Sugar Detox
Bonus: Inquiry Journal and Guidance Video


Stage 3 – METAL/AIR ~ Contrast

Forgiveness Process
Duality Process
List of Pivots
Bonus: Addressing trauma

Stage 4 – WATER ~ Traction

Cohesion in the Mind + Mental Blackmail
How to Strengthen Your Will
Separation from Source Core Healing
Bonus: Envisioning as a Superpower


Stage 5 – WOOD ~ Momentum

What’s Working + Needs Tweaking Celebration
Judgement Exercise
Movement with joy
Bonus: Love Letter to Self

How it works...

Each week there is a new lesson or focus with videos, audios, and worksheets. There are live weekly Q&A calls and a private forum for daily support. Each lesson takes approx. a half an hour, then you add another half hour for engaging the lesson for approx. an hour per week of your time, more or less according to your schedule. This is self-paced, with as much support and accountability as you need to keep walking the path.

Little by little adding up to BIG results. Direction, guidance, and accountability matter. A LOT. 

One walks this path like a labyrinth, after 6 months there is a second tier with lessons that build upon the first tier. With each step you are consciously walking yourself to your Self. Making smaller the gap between head and heart, humanity and divinity. Creating true union with the Sacred Love that you are. This is the dance. This is the path. This is how to HEAL.

Enroll Now $39/mo Enroll Annually For $400

The design of the academy is to walk you from…. 

Somethings gotta give, I’m frustrated, yet clear I’ve got to do something different so I don’t lose hope. I’m ready to create a new and improved relationship with my body and health. 


I feel SO much better, more energy and clarity. I’m no longer afraid of my body and symptoms because I know how to manage my energy. I’m no longer ‘scared’ but rather I am ‘Sacred’.

Imagine if you were pulled to safety out of the raging river of medical fear, confusion about what really works, too many doctors, no one who really hears you, worry, anxiety, pain and limitation, and the feeling that the rope in your hands representing your health is slipping away. 

This health journey has been a lifeline. It’s pulled me out of so much doubt, pain, and fear that I thought I would have to deal with for the rest of my life. Enrolling in the Sacred Health Academy has literally saved me tons of time and money and taught me how to feel healthy, make the right choices, and trust my body. I like my body now and am working on loving it. I’m on my way.”

If you want save time, money, and build your health on a solid foundation.

What does it even mean to ‘heal’? 

It’s one of those words that gets tossed about like a ping pong ball. 

To me, HEAL is an acronym for:

Health (nutrition, sleep, emotions, community, social, creative, movement, purpose)
Expression, Ease and Empowerment
Acceptance, Abundance (acceptance means allowing your true self, vs rolling over)

This is our birthright. Mine and yours. It’s coded in your DNA.

While it may look like mayhem in the world, and even inside of you, that mayhem is NOT your natural state. 

It takes the release of outdated and false beliefs along with the receiving of, or welcoming of your Higher Intelligence, Wisdom and Wholeness, to access your natural state. It’s a dance. One well worth getting on the dance floor for.

I’ve come to know that there is nothing a human being wants more than this dance. Let’s dance shall we!

Who is this for?

You might find elements of yourself in any of these general descriptions:

Busy Working Woman

  • Already doing many things right (so, why don’t I feel better?)
  • Needs time-saving step-by-step direction
  • Appreciates learning about high-level health
  • Thrives with a plan, touchstones, and accountability
  • Knows her Sacred Health is possible and wants make it happen
  • Prefers to be in control and takes charge of her day, schedule and life
  • Wouldn’t mind finding a less pressure-filled way of operating
  • Wants to carve out more time for meditation and things like that, but it never seems to happen

Retired, Ready for Next Chapter

  • A mixed bag of “did a good job” and “why didn’t I do better” in the first half of life
  • Not sure how to make best use of yourself in this chapter of life. It seems like there’s something more and it feels important but there’s barely enough energy to keep up now. How did I have the time and energy to work?!?!?
  • Struggles with worry, doubt and fear which seems to have increased with the world happenings. Frustrated and anxious about what to do. 
  • Knows the basics of being healthy, has some good habits, and some not-so-good habits

Always Healthy Until Now

  • Has always taken health for granted because it’s always been there
  • Things have started to change and shift in the past couple years
  • Doctors don’t seem to have many answers
  • Has tried many things to bring health back but its not really working


"What is a membership Academy?"

A membership is the choice for an ongoing experience. There are so many, wine club, amazon prime, fitness, meal delivery, zoo, even medication, etc. It's essentially a subscription to something important to you. In our case, it's an experience of learning how to awaken deeper levels of health at all levels...mental/emotional, physical, spiritual (we can't leave anything out or wholeness is sacrificed). Our culture is mesmerized with quick fixes and a healing journey doesn't happen over-night. Yet, when we keep showing up for ourselves, change for the better is inevitable. This is a sacred journey. In our case this ‘Academy membership’ is a community of like-hearted women on the same journey as you. 

"Where does the lesson material come from?"

The material comes from my 30 yrs. as a healer, as I've gathered wisdom from Chinese Medicine, a variety of other healing modalities, nutrition, science, research, and Principles or Laws of the Universe. We'll be addressing topics such as:  Judgement, Fear, Stress, Masculine/Feminine balance (the planet is balanced by Yang-masculine / Yin-feminine). The 5 Elements as they relate to you and your well-being. Nutrition, sleep, supplements, movement, redefining your 'story' about health and wholeness, and much more.

“Am I locked in or can I stop anytime?”

You can stop anytime if you choose the monthly option. Some women choose the annual option to ensure they stay on track in which case you are committing to your Sacred Health journey  for a year. It’s your choice. If you’re not sure, choose the monthly option.

"How will this happen?"

This is an online experience. There is a weekly focus/lesson inside of a monthly theme. You will receive that lesson via e-mail for 3 weeks of the month with one week for integration and further implementation. The e-mail will direct you (via links) to the private website portal that will guide you. Lessons will be via video, audio, and written to accommodate learning styles. The design of the material is to walk you into ever increasing health week by week, month by month. There are live zoom calls for answering questions and moving from learning anew to living it and owning it.

"I'm busy, how much time will this take?"

The design is approx. an hour a week. Sometimes more, sometimes less depending on your relationship to the focus/lesson in your life. What I know is that as you gather more energy/life force (shorthand for health) and clarity, it frees you up to tend to gathering even more life force/health and there is increasing inspiration to devote time. I hear you on this. Our time and resources are precious. me, tending health is THE most important focus of a human life. Everything else springs from that. Your intentional application garners success.

"Do I have to be a vegan, tell me more about the nutrition part?"

You do not have to be a vegan. You can be if that's your choice. And you can drink wine and eat dark chocolate! The nutrition segment is about up-leveling what you're already doing to include more whole and real food because the life force in whole food translates to a higher quality of life force in your system (body, mind, spirit). I'm a fan of the middle road and soul food (wink ;) atop a regular foundation of good choices.

"What does the part about Light have to do with this?"

Part of what we'll be unpacking for understanding is Life Force. The very energy beating your heart and pumping your blood right now and what adjustments are needed to allow Life Force to function at a higher level (i.e. better health). We aren't always taught this but Life Force is also Light. Just like the light from the sun sustains all Life on earth and every particle of energy on the planet and in your body. Understanding how to manage and master this relationship with Light/Life is paramount to health. This is the foundation from which your healthy outcomes are built.

The prime directive of a human life (after perpetuating the species) is to live into our whole and healthy self. While there's no pressure, there is also no time to waste. I would say that tending this in a human life is VERY important and not really optional if quality of life is important (at the level of personal and planetary). It doesn't matter to me how you do this or with whom, it just matters that you do. If this particular path resonates with you, I welcome you with open arms!

Ready to enroll in the first Academy devoted to YOUR Sacred Health?

Enroll Now $39/mo Enroll Annually For $400

How meaningful it feels to awaken after a good night’s sleep to being and living as part of the solution in the world.

    • Best reasons to say “YES” to your Sacred Health Journey…..
    • What it takes to truly HEAL
    • Bridging your humanity and divinity
    • Rewiring Brain tracks w/Sacred Healing Technology
    • You will access your Personal Medicine from the inside
    • Go from mis-guided, mis-informed, ill-advised to empowered
    • You’re tired of cobbling together overwhelming bits of information that don’t the results
      you’re after
    • Save you Time, Money, Energy
    • Guide you to Create an amazing relationship with your Body, Mind, and Spirit
    • Send your lower human mind to graduate school!
    • Live fully embodied
    • Heal intergenerational patterns and trauma
  • Become a Confidant Curator of Your Health and rewrite your health story
  • Become stronger for your family, friends, community at large (whatever that means to you)
  • Overcome old habits, patterns, cultural conditioning that keep optimal health out of reach
  • Learn how to create partnership with your medical providers
  • Learn how to evolve your internal guidance system that has your best solutions
  • Learn how to finally manage stress and worry
  • More energy and less pain
  • Learn how to make small changes that add up to big results
  • Learn how to access Dignity and Self Love
  • Live in accordance with Nature and as Nature
  • Your body shape/weight will come naturally
  • Human Beings need to hear things over and over for it to click, you'll get that until you "own it"

Do we have ALL the answers, no, not sure anyone does. BUT, we have many of the missing pieces, and it’s my experience that those missing pieces are crucial in you accessing the best choices and health solutions for yourself. Your own inner intelligence has more answers than any one person, practitioner or medical system. They can certainly support you, but for permanent results with lasting impact, you can't leave yourself and the inner wisdom in every cell out of the equation. 

Will you join us, I hope so!